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Sunday, 21/09/14 - 0 comment(s)
“Denial of this deadly disease by residents of Bomi and nearby counties has given rise to the increased numbers of deaths; the constant refusal by our citizens to recognize that this disease, Ebola is real, deadly and dangerous it is causing the loss of lives daily,” words of Borma Q. Sando, Chairperson of the Bomi County Civil Society... + continue reading
Sunday, 21/09/14 - 0 comment(s)
Prices for a bundle of basic goods in areas of the Liberian capital Monrovia hit by Ebola are about 8% higher than in the unaffected areas, a set of early data collected from the ground show. Half a liter of palm oil, a staple in Liberia, costs 117 Liberian dollars (US$1.27) in areas identified as worst-hit by Ebola, more than twice the price... + continue reading
Sunday, 21/09/14 - 0 comment(s)
A top official of the European Union (EU) says the Union would rather the world help isolate the Ebola virus, than the disease isolate the affected countries. According to an Executive Mansion release Friday, the Deputy Director-General Directorate-General Development and Cooperation of EuropeAid (DEVCO), Marcus Conaro, made the statement... + continue reading

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33 today
Sunday, 21/09/14 - 0 comment(s)
 By Jean-Louis De La Vaissiere Tirana (AFP) - Christians and Muslims thronged the Albanian capital Sunday to greet Pope Francis who arrived in the mainly Muslim country for a one-day visit... + continue reading

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Saturday, 20/09/14 - 0 comment(s)
In its bid to help Liberians kick this deadly virus, Ebola out of Liberia, and save thousands of lives, Plan International Liberia Saturday, September 20, 2014 took truck load of preventive materials... + continue reading